A Little Lovely Company Banner basics silver 75 pieces symbols and numbers (free shipping)

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Article number: GALE004
EAN: 201044130129
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Silver banner basic set of symbols and figures

Create your own unique banner with these symbols and numbers. Enough to create a minimum of 4 mini banners and with enough numbers for each special date. Take eg. A birth pendulum with the date. Or use it on a birthday. This set can also be combined nicely with Pastel Banners Letter to a rousing sling. All letters and symbols are reusable, so swap the text as often as you like.

Balloon Size: size per symbol / numeral is about 5 x 10 cm
Material: cardboard
75 pieces (9 pieces of each symbol, heart, flower, star, plus, and @ 3 ek 0-9) + withal brads