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Article number: 7503-UFO
EAN: 872354009608
Quantity 9

Cool night light UFO

The Cosmic UFO Ã © Ã © n of the coolest products ever! This little spacecraft has a double action with fun features for playing and soothing functions for sleeping gaan. When it's time to play, the UFO has has 3 exciting lights and a motion sensor that "flying" sounds fake. When the b edtijd is, you can relax with a little space traveler of the two soothing sounds, while the UFO mesmerizing, projecting multicolored aurora borealis effect.


  • UFO "windows" light up in 3 different colors
  • Motion sensor with UFO flying sounds
  • Plays 2 soothing geluiden
  • Projects multicolored Northern Lights effect
  • adjustable volume
  • 23 minute sleep timer automatically shuts off to darkness and silence creeà «run during your child's sleep, as recommended by pediatricians
  • Sturdy plastic construction for years of play / sleep fun
  • Afwithingenvan Package: 10cm x 19cm x 27cm

What's in the box:

  • cosmic UFO
  • 3 AA batteries (Yes! Batteries are included.)

easy operation

Cosmic UFO has an easy to use button programming unique day and night light and sound functions bedienen. It also has adjustable settings for brightness and movement for a fully controllable ervaring. Pressing the button starts the soothing images and sounds if necessary.