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Article number: 978-90-799-61788
EAN: 9789079961788
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Relax booklet Mama! 32 uitscheurkaarten Cards

For new mothers to stabbing a shot in the arm, you can of course send a whatsappje. More fun it is to make a beautiful card on the bus which the recipient can put down or hang up to every day to draw some courage or inspiration. Or give the whole package a gift that the lucky recipient itself can be a motivating card every day ophangen.

The maps are composed of the best statements and pages of the book Relax Mama! and the facebook page dies club relaxed mothers . It includes a booklet with 32 cards you can look scheuren.
Author: Elisabeth Teeling
Photographer / illustrator: Moniek Paus
Designer: Moniek Paus
Format: 141 x 105 mm
Release: March 2014
ISBN: 978-90-799-61788