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silver vriendschapsbedel Best Friends

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Article number: S215
EAN: 201044136072

Silver breaking hearts 'best friends'

Symbolic silver pendant for you and your best friend. To contribute together as a sign of your special relationship! Made of à © cht silver (.925) and luxury wrapped in a silk sieradenbuideltje, as ready to give.

  • The breaking heart is still together when you receive it. You can Heta symbolically break together (the hangers remain both beautiful). After that Jea two pendants, each wearing one on a chain.
  • AEN breaking heart is approximately 1.1 cm wide and 1.6 cm high (including pendant) .
  • Wrapped in a silk sieradenbowldeltje witha silver polishing cloth, equally ready to give away!
  • The pendant features êèñà jeweler quality E -. Coating Not only does this create a warm silver, it hanger also protects against wear and verkleuren.
  • Remember to buy a beautiful silver necklace with it.
  • O ptional: Box chain necklace silver .925 (36, 40 or 45 cm)
    Strong and yet delicate silver boxketting bestseller in both children's size (36 cm) and size 40 (older girls, slender ladies) and 45 cm. Made from first grade silver (.925), very nice for mother and daughter set!