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Gave Cloud B tranqowl turtle nightlight and hug

This quiet Turtle by Cloud B is the ideal boyfriend for children in the dark. Despite what his languid attitude, Tranqowl Turtle is working twice as hard. The original product of Cloud B that combines both visible and audio functions - the projecting soothing underwater images and plays soothing sounds of the sea. This fine combination helps babies to sleep.

Benefits Cloud B Tranqowl Turtle night light with sound:

  • Magical underwater light effect
    Projects under water effects with a gentle wave motion
  • Shield glows in relaxing navy blue color
  • 2 plays soothing melodies «n
    1. Quiet melody
    2. Ocean Waves
  • Light Timer and control
    1.Timer 23 minutes resulted in complete blackout during the deep sleep of the child as recommended by pediatricians
    2.Keuze 2 melodies «n with 6 customizable sound
    3. Customizable settings for brightness and motion provide a fully controllable experience for different environments
  • Requires 3 AA batteries, not included


  • Packaging dimensions: 10cm x 19cm x 27cm

Helps also excellent for kids who want to be afraid of the dark, and not only in their room at night.

Tip! Wen your child as early as possible to hug the effect is greatest and they no longer feel alleen.Â

Movie Cloud B Tranqowl Turtle: