Affenzahn backpack Red Triangles 31cm

Backpack 31cm high

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Article number: AFZ-NFL-001-990
EAN: 4260389760667
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Rugtasje Red Traingles

A hip backpack with cheerful prints in bright shades of orange / red.

product details

Color: yellow / orange
Dimensions: 20x12x31 cm (W / D / H)
Weight approx .: 420 g
Volume approx .: 8 liters
Age: 3-5 years

Also for the environment is good Affenzahn, materials used for the bags out of recycled PET bottles: environmentally friendly, durable and ergonomic so!


1. Embroidered details
The details are made with love and beautifully executed. Each Affenzahn rugzk is finished by hand.

2. At least two compartments
At the front there are two separate opbervakken.

3. Reflectors
Is it dark? I can see you! The backpack has reflectors so that you can still find your friends in the dark.

4. Sturdy handle
The Affenzahn backpack has a reinforced handle, perfect to hang at home, at daycare or preschool.

5. Soft pads
The shoulder straps are soft lined so the backpack wear very comfortable.

6. Colored push-in clips
Snap and print straps. The Affenzahn strap buckle is so easy to open and close. The small colored clips help you to unlock even faster closing.

7. Height-adjustable chest strap
The height-adjustable chest strap keeps the backpack stays in place and not slip.