Kaya Sieraden baby / kids bracelet Black Onyx - Free Shipping

Armandje Black Onyx

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Article number: K269
EAN: 201044135837

Children's bracelet Black Onyx for boys and meisjes - Free Shipping

This bracelet is specifically designed for boys and girls. Made of jet black onyx beads with silver-colored balls. The gemstones sparkle so beautiful, more does not need this bracelet.

Kaya Jewelry baby / kids bracelet Black only:

  • Extra strong (!) using professional flexible wire with nylon coating.
  • The gitzwarte onyx gemstone beads ena silver balls are about 4 milliwithers.
  • Grows with your child by handy 2.5cm silver extension chain.
  • Luxury wrapped in a blue or pink sieradenbowldeltje, even ready for gift giving.
  • Matching Mommy available armband.

Both Heta ancient Greeks and Egypte as DEA, DEA Romeinen black onyx one of the most important protective and very stones. With believes onyx give inner strength, endurance and resistance. A very powerful stone therefore, ideal for tough guys & Meide