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Play Dress

A safe and comfortable play area that grows with your baby!

A part that "grows" with your baby playing with four positions:

  • from birth baby can comfortably here on the back in place and look at the toys and grabbing hanging from the bow;
  • Once baby can turn on the belly, he is well firmly into the cushion and can thus discover the playmat;
  • once baby can sit up, he can play on the rug with toys. The cushion is ideal for this to keep him in the right position;
  • a dress that can be used on two sides with à © partement soft silk jersey and à © partement antilekzijde to change baby anytime, anywhere.

The babygym has a bow with four's position:

  • a position in order to stimulate the look of the baby when the baby is still small;
  • a position which develops the sense of touch;
  • a position in which baby's feet can play to hear fun sounds;
  • a flat position for when the baby sitting wants to play

All kinds of activities to discover and baby, develop s senses; a mirror, funny sounds, different materials and textures, things to shake, pulling, folding open ....

Easy to fold and carry and take anywhere.