Jollein bed blanket 100x150cm Diamond knit vintage pink

Cot Blanket 100x150cm Diamond knit vintage pink

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Article number: 516-522-65076
EAN: 8717329326484
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Bed blanket knitted with wieberpatroon

Soft knitted blanket in trendy vintage colors. The Jollein Diamond knit items are knitted in a wiebertjes pattern, which gives the collection a chic look. Styling tip: combine the Diamond knit collection by Mini Waffle & Diamond check collection.
  • Material: 50% cotton 50% acrylic
  • Dimensions: 100x150cm

TOG value fleece blanket: 0.6
Information TOG value:

Your baby should have it nice and warm. But tà © hot is not good. Choose a combination of clothes and bed linen with a maximum TOG value that matches the room temperature.

TOG value:

temprature Total Maximum TOG rate
16-19C 2.5 (daiper + body + sleeping bag + blanket)
20-22C 2.0 (daiper + body / sheet + blanket)
23-24C 1.0 (daiper + body / sheet)
+ 24C 0.5 (daiper only)