Proud MaMa Bola pregnancy necklace rose with feet


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Bola pregnancy necklace Proud Mama feet

Bola silver plated chain Proud Mama. This pregnancy bola necklace is a great gift for a pregnant looking after, neighbor, cousin, colleague.

A bola brings happiness, health and prosperity to mother and baby. Wear the bola just below your navel. After about five months of pregnancy, the unborn baby inside the ear quite advanced and can hear sounds outside the womb. The bola bell regular roles on the belly, the baby after birth will recognize this sound and generally seen as reassuring.

The materials of the pregnancy chain Babybel Basic are all nickel-free.

Cord bola chain has a length of +/- 80 cm. [When measured wearing it from top to bottom].

The Proud Mama Babybel Basic comes in:
    • Rose with bead and bead and pink cord
Pregnancy chain comes in a gift bag (see photo).

Tip! Order a loose BB Curb into another kleur with you so you can adjust the necklace to your clothing.