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Infinity Pink de Luxe with kruisje

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Article number: K355
EAN: 201044136058

Children Bracelet Infinity Pink Luxury with cross

This deluxe double bracelet is a true ceremonial pieces: Glistening handmade ivory pearls change the pink Swarovski crystals and sweet flowers down. On the bracelet hangs a glittering cross, symbolic of the sweetest girl!

Features Kaya Jewelry girl bracelet with cross:

  • The beads zijn à © à © n à © partement knotted on extra strong silk thread. So between each pearl a button. So the bracelet is extremely strong (very important for children's jewelery), yet with a very smooth fit.
  • Carefully geselecteerde AAA freshwater pearls, the highest quality. The pearls are shaped rice (about 5 to 6 mm in diawither) so that the bracelet can be worn very comfortably by small kinderen.
  • All the materials are beautiful silver versilverd.
  • Luxury wrapped in silk êèñà sieradenbowldeltje, as ready to give!
  • By Heta extension chain 4 cm can behave exactly the right size worden.
  • Order cheap êèñà matching children's necklace.

Because of its shape and inscrutable luster DEA parel true in many cultures as a symbol for eternity, wisdom and beauty. Beads are formed on the inside of shells in response to a piece of sand which enters the shell. It is estimated that a pearl is in one in 15,000 wild oysters, however nowadays almost all cultivated pearls. This jewelry line we use AAA grade, the highest quality grade freshwater pearls with the finest shape and shine.