Kaya Sieraden Greeting Card Mother & Daughter with SILVER infinity - free shipping NL

wenskaart Moeder & Dochter Infinity

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Article number: W2-25
EAN: 201044136109b

Greeting Card 'Mother and daughter' Infinity

Symbolic greeting card with two silver Infinity necklaces for mother and daughter together. Infinite means 'infinite' and symbolizes the unconditional love. Luxury wrapped, as ready for gift giving.

Necklace + card Mother and daughter:

  • The necklace is made ​​beforeha by-and-by .925 silver, forever beautiful!
  • W ith EENA layer of rhodium, this ensures that the chain does not yellow or black and is its beautiful gloss retention.
  • The measure mommy is 40cm + 5cm extension chain.
  • Choice UITA two chain lengths daughter (children's size or adult size).
  • A jewelry display is even more special by DEA combination of pure text on the card and silver chain.
  • Delivered in êèñà transparent case witha silver polishing cloth, wrapped in êèñà red gift bag. Equally ready to give gifts.