Infantino Watch Over Me 4 in 1 projection lamp

Watch Over Me 4 in 1 projection lamps

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Watch Over Me 4 in 1 projection lamps

Pay attention! The projector is not really a big distance. You have to keep it really close to the wall you want to see the stars well. Making the projector is less suitable for the ceiling because it mainly to the sides schijnt.Â

This super cute, versatile nightlight B-Kids will lull your little one good night axis. The soft light that emits the light, ensures that your little one will sleep peacefully at night axis. The projector will create a starry sky on the ceiling "Creating and this will help your baby to fall asleep. This projector creates a magical world of light and sound.

This versatile projector night light and can be easily mounted on the edge of your bed babyâs, but can simply be put down on a table near the bed of your little one.

Use the soothing night light or change the position in which the projector, so that the whole of your baby's room ceiling lights by this magical starry sky. Baby projector has six different melodies «n and 3 different nature sounds.

Use the soothing night light attached to the bed for babyâs from 0 to 12 months. Slide easily the blue part upwards. At this moment the light in the right position. Make sure the white part of the indicator is pointing downwards. You will see a bear sleeping on a moon.

The light sensor is bowlt so that makes your little sound (and is awakened), the lamp shall be set again to fall asleep so your child calm again. By pressing the white star in the middle of the light, put your à © partement of 6 melodies «n or 3 nature sounds.

The projector can also pinned to the bed, used for children 6 to 18 months. Slide the blue part down and causes the white part appears. You will see many stars and a bear on a cloud. Now choose à © partement of 6 melodies «n or 3 nature sounds and use the volume control to set the volume. The baby projector closes automatically after a certain period of time.

From 12 months you can put on a bedside table projector. The night lamp and projector are still the same facilities resides.

DEA B Kids Watch Over Me Soothing Baby Light and Projector Projector can be used for children from 0 months.

  • Color: Blue and white
  • With LED verlichtingÂ
  • With 6 different melodies «n
  • With 3 different nature sounds
  • To be used as a nightlight
  • To be used as baby projector
  • Projects a starry sky that changed color and place on the wall or ceiling
  • with Sensora
  • Connect automatically
  • Requires 3 AA batteries