Kaya Sieraden 3 generations SILVER chains 'Freshest Cashes hearts'

Silver necklaces third generation 'Connected Hearts'

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Article number: k961b
EAN: 201044136101d

Necklaces set (sterling silver) for 3 generations "intertwined hearts"

Symbolic set for three generations. The two intertwined hearts are saying 'we're always connected to each other. " Each piece wrapped in a silk pouch, even ready for gift giving.

♥ The chains are designed for through-and-through .925 silver, forever beautiful!
♥ With a layer of rhodium, this ensures that the chain does not yellow or black and is its beautiful gloss retention.
♥ The symbol is about 1 cm wide and 0.6 cm wide, small and delicately.
♥ Grandma and Mom necklace is 45 cm (with an extra eye on 40 cm), for the daughter you have a choice of two lengths.
♥ Comes in three silk jewelry pouches with silver wipes.
♥ By KAYA jewelery donates an amount so that a child in Gambia one week to school can (CSR recognized).