Kaya Sieraden Greeting Card Mother & Daughter with SILVER furthest realization hearts necklace - free shipping NL

wenskaart Moeder & Dochter with ketting in red cadeautasje

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Article number: W2-19
EAN: 201044136101b
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Card "Mother & Daughter" intertwined hearts

Symbolic greeting card for mother and daughter together. The two intertwined hearts say "the love between mother and daughter is forever." Beautifully packaged in a red bag, be sure that this gift will be satisfying.

Necklace + card Mother and daughter:

  • The necklace is made beforeha by-and-by .925 silver, forever beautiful!
  • W ith EENA layer of rhodium, this ensures that the chain does not yellow or black and is its beautiful gloss retention.
  • The measure mommy is 40cm + 5cm extension chain.
  • Choice UITA two chain lengths daughter (children's size or adult size).
  • A jewelry display is even more special by DEA combination of pure text on the card and silver chain.
  • Delivered in êèñà transparent case witha silver polishing cloth, wrapped in êèñà red gift bag. Equally ready to give gifts.