Kaya Sieraden Two bracelets 'Infinity Pink' big sister and little sister

Bracelets set for sisters

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EAN: 201044139443

Set of two sisters bracelets Infinity

How cute, big sister and newborn sister joined by two bracelets. What will be big sister rays of pride! Made of bright white pearls, pink crystals and two silver graveerbedeltjes.

¥ You ontvangt two bracelets, each engraved with a charm.
à ¥ All bracelets are three CMA extension chain so the girls have approximately two years of bracelets fun.
à ¥ pink - onvoorwaarelijke stands for love and friendship and refers to the color and warmth of the hart.
¥ expand Economical with êèñà extra girl bracelet OFA Mom bracelet.
¥ AAAA quality gem (5 to 6 mm), the highest quality with the most beautiful shine.
¥ Luxury wrapped in a pink zijden sieradenbowldeltje, even ready for gift giving!
¥ By KAYA jewelery donates an amount so that a child in Gambia à © partement week can attend school (CSR recognized) .
¥ Safety : Children jewelry should always wear under three years under supervision. Have a baby OFA peuter nooit alleenwith jewelry. Remove the jewelry while playing before they bathe and obviously for sleeping. Children Jewelry for toddlers are primarily intended as a souvenir, to wear during special occasions and to save for later.

Because of its shape and inscrutable luster applies DEA freshwater pearl in many cultures as a symbol for eternity, wisdom and beauty. Beads are formed on the inside of shells in response to a piece of sand which enters the shell. It is estimated that a pearl is in one in 15,000 wild oysters, however nowadays almost all cultivated pearls. This jewelry line we use AAA grade, the highest quality grade freshwater pearls with the finest shape and shine.