Lilikim Sofa Long mat with slope of Lilikim (free shipping)


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Unique mat with slope of Sofa Long - Free delivery

The mat Sofa Long can be used from birth until your child is potty trained. The mat is unique in its shape and angle. This prevents falls and provides safety while taking care of your baby.

The angle is spitting (reflux) as much as possible and the head is additionally supported. Additionally, it provides convenience when changing and children can easily breathe if they have a cold

Benefits Lilikim Sofa Long mat:

    • Eye contact with your baby while changing. Babies can you look better and see what happens.
    • Reduces spit (reflux) while changing. Ideal for a reflux baby or spugertje.
    • In a normal baby changing mat lies flat. Because when changing the legs, stomach contents can be lifted easily walk up to the mouth with spit as a result. The Lilikim Sofa Long nursing pillow solves this problem.
    • Increases safety because children are less likely to fall off. The child is more clear in the pillow.
    • Because your baby is no longer flat does not need to be inclined lifted when changing
    • Ergonomically comfortable.

Comes with a protective waterproof and anti-bacterial. French production.

Dimensions: 74 x 45 x 19 cm.

Matching Sofa Long aankleedkussenhoezen available. See opposite.

Tip! Space Baby Bed Blocks for under the bassinet / crib.