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Milestone Baby Cards photo cards in Dutch - free shipping NederlandÂ

Cute Milestone Baby Cards are now also available in Dutch. Lay the first year of your baby stuck in weeks, months milestones with this wonderful Milestone Baby Cards. Milestone Baby Cards Gift Set consists of 30 beautifully illustrated cards with Dutch text in a luxurious storage box. With these lovely cards mark your photos of your baby's first smile, first step, first word and 25 other milestones.

Rolling over is one of the first major milestones in the life of a baby. But how do you explain that instant beautiful? A solution Milestone Baby Cards. Be on the corresponding card the date and thereby take a picture of your baby. This gives you 18 months a beautiful series of photos of the growth and development of your baby with the date. And you never forget those special moments more.

How to use the Milestone Baby Cards?
This box contains 30 richly illustrated cards with all the major milestones of the first year. Write the date and take a photo of your baby with the card. For example, baby pictures really memorable.

Take a photo with the Milestone Baby Cards:
Place the card next to your baby. When your baby gets older and the map tries to grab hold it next to him or her down. Take a picture showing your baby and card, making sure that you keep the card at the same distance from the lens as your baby. So you get the best pictures. Be careful flashed. Natural light gives better pictures and is better for your baby.

Content Milestone Baby Cards:
    1. Today was my first real laugh.
    2. Today I slept for the first time.
    3. Today I rolled over for the first time.
    4. Today I ate my first bite hard.
    5. Today I first sat upright.
    6. Today I got my first tooth.
    7. Today I said before the first Pa-Pa.
    8. Today I said for the first time Ma-Ma.
    9. Today I crawled for the first time.
    10. Today I was first up.
    11. Today I ran for the first time.
    12. Today...
    13. Today I am one week old.
    14. Today I'm 2 weeks old.
    15. Today I'm four weeks old.
    16. Today I am 6 weeks old.
    17. Today I am 8 weeks old.
    18. Today I'm 10 weeks old.
    19. Today I'm 12 weeks old.
    20. Today I am 4 months old.
    21. Today I'm 5 months old.
    22. Today I am 6 months old.
    23. Today, I am 7 months old.
    24. Today I'm 8 months old.
    25. Today I'm 9 months old.
    26. Today I am 10 months old.
    27. Today I am 11 months old.
    28. Today I celebrate my first birthday.
    29. These cards are of (blue)
    30. These cards are (pink)
Box dimensions: 15.5 cm x 11 cm x 2 cm
Cards format: 14.8 cm x 10.5 cm

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