My Baby Diary of 0 to 5 years (January 2016)

My Baby Diary of 0 to 5 years - Uitverkocht

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EAN: 9789048302345
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Journal for the first five years of your child

Keep this clear baby book all the events in the life of your child to: the growth and development from birth to the fifth verjaardag.Â

My baby diary go to the beautiful illustrations accompanied by tips and questions, enabling parents to capture all of their child: height, weight, milestones and various memorable moments.

My baby diary:
  • organized book store
  • from birth to five years
  • with classical lullabies and nursery rhymes
  • lovely illustration
  • tips and questions
  • plenty of space for photos, envelopes etc.
  • Edition: January 2016
Number of pages: 96

Dimensions: 31 x 25.6 cm Â