I.B.Z.M. Printable maps set consisting of 4 x A6 cards (direct download + printing)

Greeting cards printable set (4 pieces, two-sided)

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Article number: Ik Ben Zo Mooi

Printable Postcards set Birth boy, girl, pregnant and gefeliciteerd

This unique card set is available only in our shop so more fun to give. On the cards is a cheerful text and the front has a trendy design and design. Because you the cards you have personally always print last minute a nice card to hand. The cards are available also printed: IBZM

  • Brand: Ikbenzomooi.nl
  • hip design
  • Exlusive available at Ikbenzomooi.nl
  • Number of cards: 4 pieces
    1. Big Hug on Your Birthday
    2. Welcome Tough Bink
    3. Hooray Pregnant Enjoy it.
    4. A New Cute Baby Girla
  • Sided printing to drukken
  • Tip! Print them on pretty thick paper for a beautiful result

Printing Instructions:
  • Use nice thick printing paper
  • Print out the front
  • Turn the paper over and put it in the paper tray.
  • Now press the back off
  • Cut long cutting lines clean the cards
  • And you are ready to go!

This is a printable. After payment you will receive an email with a link to the card 1x can download + printing and potentially can save the same. Then you can print them indefinitely for private © doeleinden.

Only for private use / not reduced printing A4.

Printables can not be canceled or returned.