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Article number: 978-90-799-61238
EAN: 9789079961238
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The book Relax Mummy! 101 tips and inzichten

This successful book is a must have for any parent. Funny, unique and surprising insights. Cute as a baby shower gift! Because if you've just become a mother is the world upside down. How nice would it be if you occasionally stress valve could crank. Well, now you can! With 101 tips and insights from this book you to the whole world: ~Slapen is the new seksen, ~Die other mothers do but Wata and ~Ga which OPA dance floor. The arc is finally not always been tense. Relax mom!
Author: Elisabeth Teeling
Photographer / illustrator: Moniek Paus
Designer: Moniek Paus
Format: 130 x 165 mm
Release: April 2013
ISBN: 978-90-799-61238