The happy baby - How babies sleep through the night

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Book with tips to help your baby sleep through the night

Useful information book of Gina Ford, especially for parents who have recently had a baby.

For babies, the transition from the womb to secure the big world a huge change. Because of this they need a lot of love, warmth and attention. A small baby can not take enough with you. At one point, however, it is convenient that a child sleeps in his own bed and night no longer wake up everytime wordt.Â

Especially to guide from birth new parents herein has written this book by Gina Ford. The book is called The happy baby and that's what every parent wants? The book reads easily and there are many tips and useful diagrams in.a

You will learn to recognize the different cries and listen carefully to what you mean baby. Gina Ford is an experienced maternity nurse and her practical and reassuring tips and advice are the sleepless nights quickly past tijd.Â

The secret is both simple and easy. Follow her routines and your baby will soon sleep, be fed with the correct frequency and are less prone to krampjes.Â

Of course it is important to follow your own feelings and incorporate in doubt, contact the consultatieburootje or a specialist.
The happy baby - How babies sleep through the night:
  • With super convenient eating and sleeping schedules for your Babya
  • Your baby learns at night to sleep
  • Your baby will by following the tips and the proper use of the schedules less colicky hebbenÂ