Skibz bandana Doublez stars red / jeans
Skibz bandana Doublez stars red / jeans

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Article number: SK-815
EAN: 5060167410406
Quantity 2

Bandana bib with two motives

This super handy bandana is a hip combination of a scarf and a bib. It can be used as a scarf under a jacket or bib happy for the entire day. The latter is definitely a godsend for children who drool a lot during the day. Instead them with a standard slab bypass them wearing this stylish bandana. The fabric is very absorbent and wearing very nice!

Unless this bandana bib is also good as a scarf to wear under a jacket. Often children do not want to completely close their zip jacket and remains the "gaps" than the neck is very cold. This scarf has the advantage of the "regular" scarf that he did not stuffed under the coat and becomes loose when pulled out !!

With Doublez Skibz slab you have two reasons to use, so every time sowithhing else, so walk your child trendy and hip at

  • 100% cotton and can be washed at 40 degrees
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 14cm
  • maximum absorption
  • Age: 0 to 3 years.